Lit Mobile Kitchens’ Services

Custom Builds

At Lit Mobile Kitchens we build a variety of custom food trucks and trailers. Our builds include pizza trucks, bbq trailers, concession trailers, snow cone stands, and common cooking units. With custom fabrication and design, we can build the food truck or trailer of your dreams.

Pre Build Units

Our pre built units include the standard cookline and stainless interiors. These ready to go food trucks and trailers include a flat top griddle, fryer, and 2-4 burner range for the cookline. Occasionally we provide combo units that include ovens. All pre built units will come with a fire suppression system and a type 1 commercial vent hood. They will also come with a 3 compartment sink, hand wash sink, stainless tables, and standard refrigeration equipment. At Lit Mobile Kitchens we provide all certifications that you will need to pass inspection.

Windows and Awnings

Our food trucks offer several different styles of awning and windows. If you are unhappy with your current windows or awnings, come see us and we can get you set up with something that makes sense.


Plumbing will include a 3 compartment sink and hand wash sink. Below the sinks you will have a water pump, on demand water heater, fresh water tank, grey water tank, city water inlet, and waste water dump valve. If you are having issues with your plumbing, please contact us and we can get you back up and running.


All of our electrical is certified by a state licensed master electrician. This not only ensures that you meet code, but also means that you have a safe mobile kitchen.

Propane Lines and Cages

All of our propane lines are certified by a state licensed plumber. Our lines are pressure tested as required by code.

Vent Hoods

Our vent hood systems are purchased from major manufactures. They are quality type 1 hoods that are UL listed. We can repair your existing hood system or install a new one for you. Our install will include the size vent hood you need, roof curb, exhaust fan, welded duct, curb cap, and all electrical and switches. We do not install used units! However, we can repair damaged or inoperable exhaust fans. All of our work is warrantied.

Fire Suppression Systems

All major cities now require a certified fire suppression system to be installed in mobile kitchens. If you need a fire system, please give us a call and we can get you a quote. We can install the proper system for you.

Equipment Installation

Equipment installation can be difficult without the proper equipment and manpower, but with Lit Mobile Kitchens we provide services such as, installation of equipment, storage, and unloading.


Our company works with several brokers to help find the best financial option to fit your financial needs financing depending on your credit. We can fit you with the best option.

Layout Design

Some major cities require a scaled drawing to pass inspection. Please call us for custom designs.

If You Need Financing,
We Can Help

There are many options available and we would need to schedule a phone call or a time to meet to figure out what lender would work best for you. Some information that would help us before a consult would be your credit, money down, and experience in the restaurant industry. We work with many different lenders and can find the right fit for you.