Quality Food Trucks and Trailers

Let us build your dream! We build every food truck and trailer with the pride and passion you deserve and expect.

Built Custom, Reliable & Inspection-Ready

Quality Food Truck & Trailers
  • Quality Control
  • Certified Electric
  • Certified Gas Lines
  • Certified Fire Suppression
  • Built to Code
  • Financing
  • Warranty
  • Repairs
  • Design Layouts

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Turnkey Services,
Designed, Wrapped,
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We know our clients. They want a dependable and ready to go food truck or trailer so they can start cooking. We can make that happen with our experience and turnkey services. Let’s get your business rolling.

Quality Food Truck & Trailers
Quality Food Truck & Trailers

Built with Pride, Built to Last

When choosing a builder, it is important to choose a company that will back their work. Make sure to find a builder that will fit your needs and expectations. We do a ton of repairs and complete rebuilds for clients that hired backyard builders for their food trucks and trailers. Most are imported from Mexico and are completely out of code. Do not make this mistake, it could ruin your whole project and budget. Find a real builder that will meet all NSF and Health Department codes. When purchasing a unit or having one built you should receive the proper paperwork from licensed contractors. Why? Because major municipalities require them. We guarantee satisfaction!

2 Year Warranty

Standing Behind Our Work

Lit Mobile Kitchens has a two year workmanship warranty on all newly built food trucks and trailers. Workmanship refers to all labor performed to make the build happen. This would include electrical, plumbing, wall paneling, and gas lines. Any repairs made to used units will include our warranty, but will only cover the work Lit Mobile Kitchens performs on that unit.

We do NOT warranty ANY used equipment. That would include trucks, trailers, and appliances.

For any new equipment issues, please call the manufacture directly to discuss their warranty protocol.

Gas Lines

Certified Fire Suppression Systems


Will Meet Every Kitchen Inspection Standard In every U.S. State